Common Sexist Beliefs Fail

Sexism is defined as defamation (untrue generalisation) in this article. Click links for reference.


Biological sex is a spectrum, not two categories

Anti-sexism is about appreciating/respecting female qualities ( eg. compassion, altruism, holistic thinking), not about turning women into men.

IQ tests are historically biased against women.

Current IQ data show women have higher IQ

Females get better academic achievements. Male college students are outnumbered by females in many nations, Known nations are Czech Republic, Spain, Iran, Ireland, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, United Kindom

Measuring absolution volume/size/mass of brain is unscientific;

Small-frame female naturally have small brain ;

Relative brain volume/size/mass (in relation to body volume/size/mass) is more scientific ;

Most studies found men have relative larger brain suffer from poor sampling methods: small sample size or unrepresentative/non-random samples.

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