Common Racist Beliefs Fail

Racism is defined as defamation (untrue generalisation) in this article. Click links for reference.


All humans are great apes from Africa.

Current IQ tests show the highest IQ is East Asian ;

IQ tests are culturally biased against African .

Ancient Egyptians who create the great civilisation were (black) African ;

Writing system of Latin languages is derived from ancient Egyptian.

Jesus was born in Africa, he is not white

Computer binary is from I-Ching (traditional science of the Far East).

Measuring absolution volume/size/mass of brain is unscientific;

Small-frame humans naturally have small brain ;

Relative brain volume/size/mass (in relation to body volume/size/mass) is more scientific ;

Africa and India have the lowest per capita consumption of meat ;

Lower meat consumption is associated with higher intelligence.

Lower cogonitive abilities predicts racism.

Skin colour in general reflect sun exposure of the region (of the ancestry)

Skin colour of many easily change from pale to dark in lifetime if sun exposure increases .

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